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“We’re driven by a deep curiosity about the world. This keeps us open to possibilities—for our clients and ourselves.”

David Rockwell

Our Company

With global offices to support a far-reaching vision, Rockwell Group is an interdisciplinary firm that emphasizes innovation and thought leadership in every project. Founded in 1984 by David Rockwell and led by partners Shawn Sullivan and Greg Keffer, we create extraordinary experiences and built environments the world over.

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Rockwell Group

New York, NY

From our beginning in 1984 to today, New York’s vibrancy is a constant source of inspiration.

Staircase at NeueHouse Hollywood designed by Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

Matching the dynamism and diversity of Los Angeles with the full range of our expertise and ingenuity.

Terrace with view of Madrid

Rockwell Group, Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Exploring far-reaching creative territory from our base in Madrid.


New York, NY

We design the touchpoints that complete an immersive environment.


New York, NY

Immersive experiences brought to life through digital design.

rockwell group staff photo at hayes theater auditorium


330+ strong.

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Awards & Recognition

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David Rockwell’s principles and ideas in action, found in globe-spanning examples from both architecture and theater.

What If...?

What if you could step inside a crystal goblet? What if your environment transformed with every step?

Cover of What If book by David Rockwell


David Rockwell and Bruce Mau celebrate the phenomenon and history of communal, awe-inspiring public performance worldwide.


An exploration of Rockwell Group’s signature design strategy that entertains, informs, and inspires.

Cover of Pleasure book by David Rockwell