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Washington, D.C.

Continuing the National Building Museum's tradition of Summer Block Party installations, LAB at Rockwell Group introduces Lawn for Summer 2019. Celebrating and exploring the public and private identities of a lawn as an iconic communal space for interaction and performance, we created a space to inspire people to share stories, make memories, and daydream.

The ticketing area features park benches and a building-scale mural of the sky, composed of a pixelated cloudscape made up of classic summertime icons.

The floor mirrors the cloudscape, with a pixelated image created from custom-dyed carpets.
Choose your adventure: a lemonade stand, a popsicle stand, and a selection of lawn games.

Lawn is a state of mind.

Our installation is a vast, sloping greenspace that consumes the first two bays of the Museum’s Great Hall. Arriving at the base, guests are met with a green expanse, set on a graceful incline and dotted with clusters of communal lounging areas.

Tales from Bette Midler, Venus Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Norman Lear, Jose Andres, and other actors, chefs, and architects highlight shared themes of community and placemaking, further immersing visitors into the feeling of summer.

“To me that’s what a lawn does. It just gives you the opportunity to think.”

Whoopi Goldberg
"We had cut the grass together and the lawn was beautiful."
Phylicia Rashad

“There’s just something about connecting your body with the grass and the earth with nothing between it.”

Danny Meyer

Lawn is programmed and activated throughout the day with summer entertainment and activities, including movies, yoga, meditation, and a series of site-specific dance performances.

Lawn at the National Building Museum designed by LAB at Rockwell Group.
A soundscape of distilled audio elements evoke the outdoors: crickets chirping, bees buzzing.

“I had this extraordinary lawn adventure when I moved to Mexico where in Guadalajara, really the street became the lawn.”

David Rockwell
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