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Murray's Cheese Bar LIC

Long Island City, NY

The Long Island City retail store and restaurant are Murray’s first full-service brick-and-mortar locations independent of its Greenwich Village stores. On the ground floor of a new residential development, with a prime corner storefront, the design of the shop and restaurant were inspired by Murray's nearby state-of-the-art cheese caves facility and laboratory.

Light oak, black and white tiles, and polished concrete round out the shop, along with custom pendants inspired by the organic drape of cheesecloth.

An opening in the concrete wall dividing the shop and the restaurant creates a seamless connection.

For the store, we conceived a warm, clean space with shelving that mimics the cave storage where cheese is aged.

View of the bar inside Murray's Cheese Shop LIC designed by Rockwell Group

A good pairing

The restaurant continues with this materiality, adding to it with a more vibrant color palette. Purples, greens, and browns suggest the changes in cheese chemistry as it ages.

A long bar anchors the restaurant and makes a bold statement with a green tile bar die, oak frame, and copper top.

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