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Palms Fantasy Suites

Las Vegas, NV

As part of the Palms' extensive renovations, Rockwell Group redesigned two of the hotel's famous suites: the Kingpin, which features two regulation-sized bowling alleys, and the Hardwood, with an indoor basketball court. We kept the core aspects of the two suites intact, but gave both a fresh, contemporary feeling.

The Kingpin Suite has an eclectic feel with elements of funk, soul, and retro-infused glamour—think “Boogie Nights” meets Midcentury Modern revival. Pops of bright jewel tones and neon mix with wood veneer and polished bronze accents.

The Hardwood Suite has a sophisticated, luxurious urban feel, with industrial materials and rich upholstery. Dark woods create a moodier palette and serve as the backdrop for glowing neon signs and vibrant artwork.

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