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The Anthem

Washington, D.C.

Dedicated to indie and alternative music, The Anthem is operated by I.M.P., the independent concert promotions and production company that owns the celebrated 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. We created a performing arts venue that matches I.M.P.'s daring, edgy spirit, as well as the industrial history of the Potomac waterfront. The result is a compelling and dynamic destination within a developing waterfront neighborhood.

The Wharf is situated along D.C.'s Southwest waterfront just blocks south of the National Mall.

Four 60-foot-tall board-formed concrete pylons frame a glass cube-shaped lobby, marking the striking entry to The Anthem.

Circular LED chandeliers can be raised and lowered to change the scale of the room.

The angled balconies create a series of rooms within a room. Steel, end-grain wood, pigmented concrete, reclaimed brick, and metal mesh compose the material palette.

The Anthem has a few rows in the balconies that are Super Excellent™ Seats. Each seat is uniquely angled to face the stage at the exact perfect position. Fans have the opportunity to buy the non-transferrable seat tickets for each show, even when it’s general admission.

Seven bars surrounding the central floor feature reclaimed brick surrounds, cascade coil metal drapery, reclaimed wood bar dies, antique mirrors, and rusted metal perforated panels.

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