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Rockwell Group took inspiration for this furniture collection, part of Stellar Works' Collaboration Series, from the roots of the word valet, reinterpreting it for the 21st Century. A new furniture typology, Valet supports everyday living, working, and entertaining. From lounge seating to customizable shelving, each of the 14 pieces in the collection has a streamlined functionality. Alone or in various combinations, they create natural transitions in the home or hospitality setting, from entry, to work, to play.

We used tactile and refined materials: full-grain saddle leather, American walnut, blackened steel, and brushed brass.

Each piece in the collection has luxurious embellishments, from leather cords to matte brass hardware, that double as subtle tools for living well.

The Valet—the piece that inspired the collection—creates a transition from the bustle of the street.

Variations on wall-leaning shelves provide minimal surfaces for writers' elbows, books, and personal displays. A Hi-Fi Console holds records and a turntable; a Mixology Center is a stationary Bar Cart.

From left to right: Display Shelves & Magazine Rack, Hi-Fi Console, Office Shelves, Mixology Center.
The Valet's walnut shelf holds personal items. A hexagonal mirror is adjusted with a leather strap.

"Valet merges expressive materials, craftsmanship, functionality, and elements of surprise."

David Rockwell
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